MedCan 2020 at a glance

Medicine • Science • Technology


Morning keynote—An introduction to New Zealand’s newest industry

Unlocking the extraordinary potential of medicinal cannabis

Stream A—Medicine

How to prescribe medicinal cannabis?

  • Prescribing in the New Zealand environment

  • Endocannabinoid physiology

  • Endocannabinoid deficiency

  • Pain management

  • Mental health & addiction

  • Cannabis & impairment

What is the evidence?

  • Clinical evidence

  • Patient case studies

  • Dosing and delivery

  • Safety and toxicology

  • Clinical trials

  • Testing

  • Cannabinoids in animal health

Stream B—Science & Industry

What’s the science behind medical cannabis?

  • Cannabis biology & genetics

  • Cultivation & extraction

  • Formulation & processing

  • Cannabinoid pharmacology

  • Cannabinoid receptors

  • The role of terpenes and flavonoids

  • Advanced manufacturing

What are the economical opportunities for New Zealand?

  • Entering the pharmaceutical industry

  • Raising capital

  • Market potential

  • Employment opportunities


Afternoon keynote—Technology

How data and tech will shape the future of cannabis
Disruptive technologies in the medicinal cannabis sector